Dedicated to the Permanent Preservation of the Recreational, Ecological and Familial Heritage of Bumping Lake

We do not support a massive billion dollar Bumping Dam currently being planned
This would inundate and destroy historical family cabins, the Bumping Lake Marina and Forest Service campgrounds that together welcomed over 18,000 people in 2011.* We support the goals of the Yakima Basin Integrated Water Resource Plan. Protecting public land, ensuring crop irrigation, and salmon run restoration are all visions that the Friends of Bumping Lake support and will work to achieve.
*Lindhorst, Karen

We do not support water marketing
The final plan from the Yakima Workgroup does not mandate water marketing nor conservation. The Dept. of Ecology admits “by itself, the Market Reallocation Element has the potential to offset much, but not all, of the irrigation-related economic losses from a future severe drought.”* In an era of celebrating dam removal and returning to natural ecosystems, thoughtful, regulated consumption is the best choice for all.

What is at Stake?
Much of the Bumping Lake Community was built by our great-great grandfathers in the 1930’s and 40’s. Six generations of families have experienced this beautiful place and call it home. Far from an electrical outlet and out of cell phone range, it is a rare and pristine wilderness that contains some of Central Washington’s last ancient forests. It is irreplaceable, cannot be offset by preservation deals, and should be preserved for all to enjoy for many generations to come.