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Yakima Plan Threatens Habitat

Posted by in Uncategorized | November 21, 2019

The Yakima Basin Integrated Plan would build two new irrigation dams, drown and destroy 1,000 acres of ancient forest at Bumping Lake, and designate two National Recreation Areas (NRAs) to “lock in” off-road vehicle use on the trails and backcountry of National Forest lands in the Cle Elum District, putting more machines into the headwaters, which is bad for water quality, bad for fish, bad for wildlife habitat, and bad for the recreational experiences of the non-motorized majority of human users of our National Forest backcountry. More than 30 conservation organizations including NCCC have refused to support the Yakima Plan.

To find out why, check out the article in our journal The Wild Cascades, and the Sierra Club’s web page on the Yakima Plan. This advocacy project is supported by NCCC member donations and a grant from The Mountaineers Foundation.

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